So that you know where we are in space and time, but so that we do not bore you, here is a brief explanation...........

  • Since 1986 we have been based in La Garriga (see map), just 35km from the city of Barcelona.

  • We share the passion felt by both those cities for art, the world of furniture, creation and design.

  • Barcelona, home of Modernism, the Avant-garde capital of design, has been, and still is, a constant source of inspiration.

  • We have also incorporated the ancient tradition of woodwork and artisan furniture, which is a characteristic of La Garriga, into our DNA as a guarantee of our knowledge and professionalism.

  • Servicanto introduced PVC edges into Spain, and began operating when the first edging machines or edge-banders were produced.

  • The immediate delivery of your orders (24-48 hours).

Adhesives & cleaners

Pol. Can Illa · C/Pompeu Fabra, 16-18 · 08530 La Garriga (Barcelona) · T. (+34) 93 871 55 05 · F. (+34) 93 871 74 94